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Warm and Golden Moose Mocs


Learning how to walk is serious play. Ever seen a dog forget how to dog when you put shoes on it? This often happens when we put hard-soled shoes on little ones ~ who love to try their walking skills in the house, yet stumble and fall when shoes are put on them for their outdoor exploration.

These moccasins are perfectly cozy with a barefoot feel for late summer and chilly, autumn weather.


These above-the-ankle moccasin boots are intended for outdoor exploration for little learning feet. Moose hide is thicker than deer hide and therefore more durable and provides better insulation from the cooling ground. When coated with a silicone spray, these moccasin boots can get wet and still provide the dry comfort that we often long for, as parents. Kids don’t seem to mind as much as we do though.

The toe portions are stitched with waxed sinew, with a string of hide between the bottom and top layers, to create a more full, waterproof seal. As the hide gets wet, it expands and ensures no gushes of water seep onto those cute little toes. The toe here is a warm golden-tanned hide, which seamlessly blends in with the golden tan colour found throughout the rest of this moccasin boot.

An elastic joined at the front and back, on the inside of the moccasin, ensures that those little feet stay in there, even when they switch over to crawling again; but these elastics are not joined so as to ensure that proper circulation is maintained to their feet. The inside is lined with Arctic Fleece, providing ample warmth.

My son wore his moose moccasins even into the snowy weather! Give them a try and see for yourself just how delightfully cozy these really are.

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12-24 months, 2-3 yrs


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