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Plum and Cobalt Willow Mocs


Purple, or in this case plum, is a colour of royalty. In the land of childhood many play-things become royal, as does the child. These moccasins are a suitable gift for a toddler learning to walk, or one exploring the far reaches of their imagination.

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These Willow-style moccasins are lined with white arctic fleece and topped with a plum material, called stroud. This material is traditionally used to support complex beadwork for a variety of North American Indigenous Moccasins. Stroud is made up of wool and cotton – therefore making it durable, yet easy to stitch through.

The ankle of these moccasins is created using cobalt rabbit fur, folded over itself to encase an elastic. This allows for extra stretch so little feet can be held inside.

These are a perfect choice for those looking for a cozy-cottage-kind-of-comfort moccasin for little feet to wear mostly inside the house, with backyard wanderings or the occasional park excursion. When sprayed with silicone, the bottom becomes even more waterproof to ensure that when puddles are being explored, those little feet stay dry and warm.

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