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Emerald Forest Ma’soc-casins


Socks warm the feet and comfort the soul. These ma’soc-casins have enough stretch and give in the toe area to accommodate socked feet, and those lovely chunky baby feet we all enjoy!

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These Eamon-style ma’soc-casins are constructed from unlined buffalo hide both on bottom and toe. Joined by knitting together the foot and toe pieces, along with a knitted rib cuff, these moccasins provide ample ventilation for curious and adventurous feet. For added comfort and warmth, an upcycled wool sweater sleeve has been used for the outside portion of these cuffs – lending to it’s unique Ma’soc-casin look.

The yarn used here is a lightweight yarn, a blend of 80% wool and 20% silk; hand dyed from our local Saint John, New Brunswick fiber shop: Good Fibrations. It is elastic enough to stretch over heels easily, yet sturdy enough to eliminate the need for ties. This means more time for your little one to run around and the world around them.

Purchase with a Lightweight Nordic Cap and some liners, and you have a completed outfit to enjoy!

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