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Permissions Policy

All content on this website is owned by each contributor.

We thank you for understanding our desire to get this content onto the feet of those seeking to be rooted, while at the same time protecting our intellectual property rights.


Without Our Permission

Feel free to do the following:

  • Link to our site or any post on this site.
  • Re-post less than 200 words from a post on any other site, provided you link back to our original post.
  • Print off our content for personal use within your own household or community gathering, provided you include this copyright notice when distributing: “© 2018, (Author’s Name). All rights reserved. Originally published at”

    We would ask that you save trees, however, and avoid printing if possible.


Our Permission Is Needed When

You must have our written consent to:

  • Use this content for commercial purposes
  • Alter or transform this work


Re-posting and Translation Rights

Please do not re-post any content or post on this site in its entirety. We ask this simply because Google penalizes websites that have duplicate content on other sites. According to our sources, Google is unable to tell which is the original host site and so we ask that you not post the content herein, in its entirety. As well, we know you have great creativity within you. Focus on that. People will thank you for your original content.

Also, please don’t translate or publish any of this work found on this site. We just don’t have the resources to confirm the quality of the translated work to ensure the meaning remains the same. Thank you for understanding this.


Content Created By Guest Writers and Producers Other Than Our Team

 Guest bloggers and media producers retain the copyright of the materials that they create.

Everything we’ve laid out in this policy does not apply to them as they hold the copyright to their own material. If you wish to publish or use any of their content please contact them directly for their copyright policy. At this point, we are unable to be a contact person for them, so please connect with them directly.


If you have questions about anything not covered here, please feel free to connect with us and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Thank you for sharing this content and we look forward to continuing to connect you to your roots so that you and those you serve are recognized for who you are.








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